Representations of Empire Key Stage 2 and 3

A teaching pack by Northamptonshire Black History Association, Revised July 2011.

The central focus of this pack is to look at Representations of Empire through museum resources - especially artefacts. It is envisaged that it could contribute to a more broadly based study of Empire at either Key Stage 2 (related to the Victorian period) or as a more broadly based theme at Key Stage 3. Object handling boxes that accompany this pack are available for loan from Northampton Museum.

This pack enables children at Key Stage 2 or 3 to use their observation and questioning skills to build up their knowledge and understanding of objects brought to Britain from different parts of the world. Pictures and prompt cards are built around questions such as:

· Were necklaces just about looking pretty?

· Can objects bring the Gods to Earth?

· Trading and exchanging: What do objects tell?

Other activities in the pack explore links with other parts of the world, making the most out of a museum visit and the story behind the Benin’ Bronzes’.

This provides a hook for investigating the British Empire or a global study.

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Representations Of Empire: Representations Of Empire : File download

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